Grades Taught

Numeracy Teacher to Division 1 students

A Treasured Legacy

Calgary Christian School and I have had a long history!  I began as a student here in 1969 and graduated 12 years later.  Just four years later I began my teaching career in kindergarten at a small "daughter" school of CCS in South Calgary.  My teaching career has been interrupted with amazing life stretching experiences... missions, marriage, and a growing family.  I came back to teaching 17 years ago, which means I am now participating in my 24rd year as part the CCS staff community. This year I have taken on a new and exciting role! I have the incredible opportunity to lead in our monthly chapel times, as well as work in a new teaching space with Numeracy Intervention groups. I am also delighted to continue teaching Grade One Math to the students 1S.  

My husband, Keith, and I have watched all three of our sons graduate from CCS.  My two oldest boys (now young men) married their high school sweethearts!! So, I have two daughters-in-law who are also graduates of CCS. Looking back on my journey thus far with this incredible school, I have huge gratitude!  I am so honoured, and at times overwhelmed, that I get to participate in the discipling and nurturing of God's children.  I love gardening and find there are so many parallels between tending a garden and tending a classroom of students. My greatest joy comes from seeing students encounter God and being moved by his presence.  My prayer each year is that my students will be lifelong followers of Jesus.  It is incredible to have such strong support from the parent community and a sense of partnering together.  Remember to treasure the gift of Christian education and work to create a legacy within your own families.